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Let's make a change!

The bulk olive oil market is subject to constant price changes based on supply and demand. provides up-to-date information on the prices of various types of olive oil, which can be used by sellers to set prices for each batch they wish to sell and by buyers to be aware of the current market prices.

What does Oleista offer?

With, olive mills can showcase their olive oil batches for sale, which will be seen by hundreds of national and international companies immediately accesible upon publishing their product.

Oil-buying companies from around the world will be able to choose, with just a click and at any time of the day, the batch of oil that best suits their needs.

In addition, is an international marketing tool that provides visibility to olive oil producing companies.

Our mission is the digital platform that connects olive oil supply and demand in record time, streamlining purchase and sale transactions, saving time, and providing up-to-date tracking of your transactions.

Our goal

Our aim is that becomes a useful, intuitive and effective tool that allows olive oil mills and olive oil buyers to reduce the time, effort and money they currently spend on selling or searching for the products they need.