Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions from our users

1. About Oleista

Oleista is an exclusive online marketplace designed to connect bulk olive oil producers, buyers, and intermediaries worldwide. Our secure and dynamic platform is committed to fostering strong business relationships and helping expand your network in the olive oil industry.

Signing up for Oleista is simple. All you need to do is click on "Sign Up" and fill out the form with your information. Make sure you select the profile that best suits your needs. If you encounter any issues during the process, our customer support team is ready to assist you.

Signing up for Oleista offers numerous benefits. As a leader in the bulk olive oil industry, we connect producers, buyers, and intermediaries in a unique space:

  • Up-to-date information: You will receive the latest news from Oleista, including information about new batches of olive oil available and buyer demands.
  • Visibility for your oil mill: If you own an oil mill, you can promote your products in our exclusive directory, directly connecting you with potential buyers.
  • Role flexibility: We offer various user profiles, allowing you to select the one that corresponds to your activity. If you represent a company, it's possible to register multiple users under the same tax identification number, making the management of commercial activities easier.

By joining Oleista, you are joining an international community dedicated to high-quality olive oil. Discover how Oleista can help you expand your business and connect with new opportunities!

On Oleista, we have three profiles: producer, buyer, and intermediary. During registration, select the profile that corresponds to your activity. It is also possible to register multiple buyer and seller users under a company's Tax ID number.

Before finalizing any purchase or sale transaction, it's essential that all users provide documented proof of their identity, as well as that of their company and their association with it. To this end, after registering, each user must send Oleista ( copies of the following documents:

  • An official document that verifies the company's identity (EIN, TIN, or similar).
  • Documentation proving their employment or administrative link to the company (whether as an employee, administrator, sales representative, etc.).
  • Personal identification of the sales representative registered with Oleista.
  • In addition to the aforementioned documents, sellers must also provide a certificate for the bank account where payments will be made.

All users who have completed the documentary accreditation process will receive a special badge on the Oleista platform. The batches of oil they list for sale will have priority, appearing in prominent positions on the platform.

This stringent process of documentary verification ensures credibility and trust among Oleista users before any purchase or sale transaction is carried out.

Sign up for Oleista is entirely free. We conduct necessary checks to ensure all users are engaged in the buying and selling of bulk olive oil. We only charge a small brokerage fee when a transaction is made through the platform. You can find the details of this fee in Oleista's Legal Terms. This way, we ensure the maintenance of a secure and fair platform for all our users.

At Oleista, we take pride in maintaining a transparent and fair commission structure for our users. Our fee model is based solely on transactions that are successfully completed through our platform. Below, we outline our current commission schedule:

 European UnionNon-EU
Bulk Lots0.2 %0.2 %0.4 %0.4 %
Bottled LotsNo commission2.5 %No commission2.5 %

By registering with Oleista, you become part of an international community of olive oil producers and buyers from major markets. You'll be able to keep your customers and business partners informed about the latest news, new batches of olive oil available, and buyer demands. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to increase your visibility and reach by including your products in our business directory.

2. Selling Bulk Olive Oil

As a producer, Oleista provides you with the opportunity to feature and promote your packaged products and bulk olive oil lots to an international audience. You can share photos of your products and facilities, as well as quality certifications, and keep buyers informed about the latest news and product launches. By registering, your olive mill will be added to our directory, increasing the visibility and reach of your products.

Users who register as a Producer or Intermediary, and who are legally established as businesses or individuals with a valid tax identification number for billing, can sell bulk oil on Oleista. However, it's important that these users are validated by our technical team. To do so, they must provide the required information to prove their relationship with the olive oil industry.

Click on "My Sales". Next, you will need to fill out a form with all the details of the oil, pick-up conditions, and type of payment you would accept. The form includes fields for attaching chemical analyses and organoleptic tastings of the oil you are selling, providing as much information as possible to the buyer. The more complete your information, the higher your chances of selling.

At Oleista, we strive to promote the production of high-quality olive oil. That's why we've included a special field in the form for the content of polyphenols. If this field is completed with a value equal to or greater than 250 mg/kg, Oleista will highlight the oil batch with a quality badge.

The "Price Validity" field determines how long the batch will be available for sale. It is recommended to set a wide "Price Validity Date" to avoid constant updates.

Once the oil batch has been created, it remains in "Pending Validation" status until our technical team reviews and validates the information provided. Once validated, the batch will be available for sale.

After validation, Oleista will ask the seller to send a one-liter sample of oil, taken directly from the tank detailed in the batch. Until Oleista receives this initial sample, the 'Request sample' button will not be enabled for buyers to request them. It is crucial to remember that the inability to request samples significantly reduces the chances of selling your batch.

The cost of shipping this sample to our offices is the responsibility of the seller. This procedure allows Oleista to distribute the requested samples efficiently and quickly to users and buyers interested in purchasing oil with similar characteristics. From our experience, buyers rarely make purchase offers without previously analyzing the oil sample.

3. Buying Bulk Olive Oil

As a buyer, Oleista provides you with access to a global directory of olive mills. You will be able to discover, compare, and directly purchase high-quality bulk olive oils. By registering, you will keep up-to-date with the latest news and receive information about new batches of available olive oil.

Registered users identified as Buyers or Intermediaries, who are legally established as companies or individuals with a valid tax identification number for billing, can purchase bulk oil on Oleista. However, it is crucial that these users are validated by our technical team. To do this, they must provide the necessary information to demonstrate their association with the olive oil industry.

En la sección "COMPRAR", encontrarás un listado de los lotes de aceite disponibles para la venta, junto con sus características más relevantes. Para obtener más información, simplemente haz clic en "VER DETALLES".

Si estás interesado en un lote de aceite, puedes realizar una oferta de precio, que el vendedor puede aceptar o rechazar. En caso de rechazo, el vendedor debe proporcionar una justificación para su decisión.

Users have access to a private messaging chat to conduct direct negotiations and request specific information about the batch for sale. This communication is only visible to the seller and the buyer, with supervision from the website administrator. The exchange of contact information between users is not allowed in this chat. This information is only obtained once a sales agreement is reached and the contract is signed.

The negotiation process begins when the buyer clicks on "Make an offer". At this point, the seller receives a notification via email and has the option to accept or reject the offer, providing a reason if the offer is rejected.

When an offer is accepted, a contract is automatically generated that includes the buyer's, seller's, and broker's information (if applicable) as well as reference details, supply conditions, and payment method. This contract must be digitally signed by all parties involved.

4. Ordering olive oil samples

If you are registered on Oleista as a Buyer or a Broker, you are eligible to request samples of the batches that interest you. This is a service we offer to ensure that you can accurately assess the quality of the olive oil before making a purchase. To request a sample, you simply need to select the appropriate option on the batch detail page.

As a seller, providing samples of your batch of olive oil is crucial for facilitating sales. These samples allow buyers to assess the quality and characteristics of your oil, helping them make an informed purchasing decision. Additionally, by sending a sample, you increase transparency and foster trust between yourself and potential buyers.

To provide samples, you simply need to send an initial one-liter sample of your olive oil to our offices after your batch has been validated and put up for sale. It's crucial that this sample is drawn directly from the storage that contains the oil you've detailed in the batch. You should be aware that the shipping costs for this initial sample are the seller's responsibility.

The time it takes for a sample to arrive can vary based on several factors. However, it's important to note that the dispatch of samples can only be done once the seller has provided the required initial sample. If the initial sample is not sent to Oleista after the lot is published, the shipping process can experience significant delays.

In general terms, our courier service provider offers the following estimated transit times:

  • For shipments within Spain: between 24 to 48 hours.
  • For shipments within the European Union: between 3 to 5 days.
  • For shipments to the rest of the world: between 5 to 14 days.

These estimates are approximate and can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each shipment.

If for any reason you haven't received the sample you requested, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible. You can do this by sending an email to Our customer service team will strive to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive your sample in the shortest possible time.

5. Transportation of the goods

Oleista will not take responsibility for the transportation of the goods in question. This responsibility will fall on the buyer or the seller, depending on the Incoterm specified in the oil lot details or agreed upon during the negotiations held in the private chat. It is crucial that both parties involved in the transaction fully understand their obligations concerning the transportation and insurance of the goods. The choice of the appropriate Incoterm or arrangements agreed upon during negotiations will determine who will be responsible for coordinating and funding the transfer, as well as for any risk or eventuality related to it.

6. Alerts and Notifications

Alerts are a feature of Oleista designed to keep users informed about the most significant events on the platform. Depending on your user profile (Buyer, Seller, or Intermediary), you will receive notifications relevant to your interests. For instance, if you're a seller or an intermediary, you will be notified about new oil demands made by buyers, and if you're a buyer or an intermediary, you will be updated every time a new bulk lot of olive oil goes up for sale.

Additionally, we have an option that allows you to mark specific lots as "Favorites", enabling you to track these lots, including price changes and other relevant details.

As a bonus, all registered users have the option to receive free notifications through WhatsApp. To activate this service, all you need to do is send a request to, and we would be delighted to set it up for you.

At Oleista, we work to keep our users informed at all times. Some of the notifications you may receive include:

  • Notification of new batches for sale: You'll be informed each time a new batch of olive oil is posted on the platform.
  • Sample requests: You'll be notified when a buyer requests a sample of your oil.
  • Purchase offers: You'll receive notifications whenever a buyer makes an offer on one of your batches.
  • New messages in the negotiation chat: Each time you receive a new message in the negotiation chat, you'll receive a notification to keep you updated on the progress of negotiations.
  • In 'Favorite' batch: You'll be notified about price changes, the nearing end of the sale, and the completion of the sale of batches you've marked as favorites.

In addition, every time a user makes an offer, alerts will be sent about each move in the negotiations. If this offer is not addressed, you'll receive a daily reminder. If 5 days pass without addressing this alert, the system will automatically reject the offer.

7. Security

At Oleista, the security and trust in our transactions are paramount. To protect the interests of all parties involved in transactions made through our platform, we require both the buyer and the seller to sign a contract that outlines protection clauses and guarantees.

This contract has been meticulously prepared by a highly qualified legal team with the primary goal of setting the terms and conditions under which the sale will take place. This document includes clauses designed to safeguard the rights and obligations of both the buyer and the seller, thus providing equitable protection for all parties.

Among the most significant clauses are those that establish the agreed upon payment terms and types, as well as the delivery or pick-up timelines for the merchandise. In the event of a breach of these terms, financial penalties will be enforced to encourage compliance with the agreed upon obligations.

The contract also ensures that the merchandise for sale matches all aspects of the description provided in the lot listed on Oleista. In this way, we ensure the transparency and integrity of the transactions.

In case of any conflict or breach of the clauses set out in the contract, the document provides that disputes will be resolved through the appropriate courts. This provides a legal framework and a suitable mechanism for resolving any dispute that may arise during the buying and selling process.

Your data security is a top priority at Oleista. We have advanced security measures and robust data protection policies in place to safeguard your information. We will never share your data with third parties without your explicit consent.

We hope you'll join Oleista and discover a world of opportunities in the international bulk olive oil market with the trust and security our platform offers.

8. Conditions

The following conditions apply to all purchases/sales of olive oil made with producers and businesses through Similarly, Oleista reserves the right to make changes to these Purchase/Sale Conditions at any time. The user will be subject to the new Oleista Conditions that have been published at the time they access or use the services of the portal.

By confirming to make a bid and purchase on, you become a buyer customer and are subject to the following conditions:

1- Keep in mind that conditions may change over time. Oleista reserves the right to decide when bids made on a product counter the rules and therefore when it is necessary to cancel that bid.

2- Your user may be removed from Oleista when we believe you are harming sellers without ultimately purchasing the product for which you made your bid.

3- If the seller accepts the price you have offered for their product and the purchase is subsequently not carried out for unknown reasons, Oleista will take steps between the buyer and seller to understand the reason why the transaction was not finalized in an attempt to prevent it from happening repeatedly.

4- Once a bid is made for a product, it will go to the seller and if they accept it, the "purchase contract" will automatically be filled out, which will be sent to each of the parties for signature.

5- In the event that the oil collected by the buyer does not match what was offered, Oleista reserves the right to take legal action for breach of contract by one of the parties.